ROT Analysis

Reclaim Storage Capacity and Mitigate Dark Data Risks

Data grows at a rate of 40-60% each year, but as capacity is expanded, redundant, obsolete and trivial user data - ROT - is clogging corporate networks resulting in unnecessary risk and expense. Depending on industry, 40-70% of this data has no business value. Harnessing ROT growth will not only control expenses by reducing or eliminate storage upgrades, but also minimize risk.

Index Engines data profiling software supports ROT analysis and data disposition that ranges from terabytes to petabytes of enterprise content. It provides search, reporting, disposition and defensible deletion of data. Shed light on dark, unknown data. Understand what you have, make intelligent decisions, and migrate or delete based on your business needs.

Classify content by metadata:

  • Redundant: Based on MD5 hash/document signature
  • Obsolete: Not accessed in more than three years
  • Trivial: Personal multimedia files (photos, iTunes, movies, etc)

Then choose a disposition:

  • Defensible Deletion
  • Migrate to a lower cost storage/cloud
  • Archive sensitive content and intellectual property
  • Monitor data in place and manage based on retention policy

With an easy to implement and deploy solution, organizations can avoid their next storage capacity upgrade and instantly recoup funds while having a better understanding of what exists.

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