Architecture Matters

Index Engines’ software was architected to support information management of unstructured files and email in both primary and backup storage environments. No other technology provides this depth of coverage, across all classes of storage, with powerful search, reporting and management capabilities in support of governance and management requirements.

Index Engines clients range from small data environments that manage terabytes of content to global firms that support complex data environments measured in petabytes. Deployments include everything from data minimization, legacy backup catalog and data consolidation, to governance readiness, Index Engines provides the foundation for finding, reporting and managing the disposition of user-generated content.

Other tools may claim to do some of what Index Engines can do, but only Index Engines was purpose built and designed to support large complex data centers. At Index Engines we know that architecture matters, and our clients have seen the benefits of this when we are asked to solve challenges others could not.

We are proud of our technology and would like to explore with you why we stand alone in managing corporate data. Some of the key advantages of Index Engines include:



In-place sequential indexing that processes data as it streams at network speeds. Supports multiple indexing streams per node and multiple nodes in a federation.



Based on an exclusive, highly efficient index architecture that delivers uniquely scalable processing capabilities per node. Index footprint is 1-5%.

packaging 2


Capacity-based pricing and all-in-one solution, including archiving, with no separate modules required. No charges per node.

data center

Data Sources

Supports a large variety of unstructured and semi-structured file types, email, archives and even legacy backup data on disk and tape.



Delivers the most extensive and comprehensive search options, including keyword, Boolean, pattern, RegEx and conceptual search.

Ground up

Purpose Built

No off-the-shelf components. Outperforms other solutions with innovation and commitment to support most challenging data environments.