Dell EMC


Tackling the GDPR: An Actionable Approach

The GDPR consists of 99 articles that mandate how personal data is to be handled, but how do you manage years of data on various platforms?

Dell EMC and Index Engines together can deliver an intelligent, actionable approach to managing complex data environments in support of GDPR compliance. Providing deep intelligence across primary and secondary storage, this combination enables advanced classification, search and management allowing you to find personal data under management with considerable precision.

During the 60-minute on-demand web event, you’ll learn how to:

  • Approach GDPR compliance with a data-focused process
  • Mitigate risks with an intelligent, easy-to-implement workflow
  • Map and classify data to focus and streamline searches for personal data
  • Locate personal data with advanced search techniques
  • Better manage petabytes of data to control access and streamline costs
  • Consider alternatives to cross-border transfers to reduce potential risk